Green with Envy

Do not forget, the plight of the evergreens. 

In time immemorial all the trees of the forest proudly displayed their leaves through the breadth of winter. At the sight, the gods of ice and frost grew angry that such insignificant beings would stand indignant to the power of white and its purity.

So the gods heaped snow and ice onto the forest. Branches snapped and limbs were split. The forest cried out in pain to no avail. Reluctantly the oaks, cypress, maple, and ash all dropped their beautiful leaves to release winter's weight. The evergreens, having the largest leaves of all held fast and spat at the gods.

More snow and wind now battered the forest. The evergreen's strong limbs cracked and buckled. In an act of desperation, they began slicing their own leaves. Each leaf was cut a thousand times. The weight of the snow could then pass through the bleeding branches adding no weight.

The evergreens turned to the heavens in disgust,

“How can you be so selfish? In spring I do not shade the red flowers that they may die. I do not crush the blue bird in my branches simply because it is not green. Why then, must you choke my brothers with your snow and ice?”

Embarrassed at their actions, the gods crawled back to their thrones. Now the evergreens boast their color through all seasons. The cuts of their ancestors never healed, and even their seeds bear the scars of winters grudge with green.